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Flutterbugs has launched!

Flutterbugs are little forest sprites, there are no males and females, each flutterbug can fill both roles. They eat tasty turnips, which can either be bought or farmed. They also find interesting things which can be clicked on and toolbox points are rewarded.

We had a special 30 minute fishing competition to celebrate the launch..


Lots of balloons (which I got for the shroomie launch) were set out to decorate the store! lights were hung and bonus crates set.

The Gang

The turn out was great - sorry for the dodgy picture, I only noticed after that most people were hidden by balloons. We had lots of fun!

The Scores

In the end there can be only one winner! Congrats Vee (aka Sadvhi) Vee won the fishy special flutterbug in the first place box o’ goodies. Second and Third won special plaques and garden point vouchers, Fourth and Fifth garden point vouchers.

There was a Trippy Tadpole in the bonus crate (which will remain for a few days longer, incase anyone wants to catch one).

I am really happy with how things went, it was really great to see everybody, and I think everyone left with something!

Thankyou all for coming, and I hope to see you all again soon!

Now… do I have room in my store for snakes… ??? LOL