St Patricks 2024

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St Patrick’s 2024 XS Fishing Extravaganza

Starting on the 10th of march, through to the 17th of march there will be a fishing event where you can catch 7 different special breedables at 3 locations!

Xundra’s Stuff

  • Special Xundra’s Garden Pot & Plant
  • Special Shroomie
  • Special Flutterbug

The StoryWeaver’s Realm

  • Special Frog
  • Special Spider

The XS Exchange @ Westone

  • Special Bunny
  • Special Turtle

All the specials have a St Patrick’s day type theme and come in Shamrock Chests, which will be catchable via fishing as bonus catches.

Fishing rods can be obtained for free at any of the locations, and there is no bait required. The specials can be caught as many times as you like, but they won’t be easy!

There are other breedables available normally in the fishing system, breedable dragonflies which can also be turned into Frog / Spider food with a Dragonfly Mulcher, and tadpoles which of course are baby frogs. So while the bonus catches will only be available from March 10th you can fish at these locations whenever you like.

A huge thanks to Opal Celestia and Floyd Sack for making the StoryWeaver’s Realm and XS Exchange available for this event!

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