Xundra's Turtles

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Xundra’s Turtles

Xundra’s turtles are colour based breedables, breed them together and create new colour combinations.

These will be my main colour based breedables, with Ducks and Squirrels taking a back seat.

Shroomies and Flowers will be priority attention though.

Currently there are two specials, a Beta Special for Beta testers and an Alt-Life special (as a tribute to C&C Creations’ Alt-Life turtles) which will be available after launch.

The specials have a small chance to reproduce, 5% chance per parent of producing a special, and if both parents are special, the type of special it produces is 50/50.

Turtles like all my other breedables are free to keep, with no ongoing costs. I will make an autofeeder available for a price - these have been popular despite the ability to feed for free, and is a way to keep my motivation up.