Shroomie Market - Thoughts

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I’ve been thinking today about our shroomie market and wondering if it was the best idea to create a small market in the middle of no where.

I noticed a lot of markets are starting to set up ‘Potted’ areas (another breedable plant system), and was thinking it might be good if we could move our market to part of a bigger market, so instead of just us 5 sellers browsing each others bloomies, we might have other people stop by, see them and wonder what they are and maybe even give them a try.

Shroomies’ community is far to small to expect a market to want to host an area for us, so I was thinking perhaps we should discuss markets and pick one and all set up in the same market.

That way it would be central for those looking for shroomies, and also more likely to be noticed by those who may not have heard of them but are interested in trying.

Feel free to message me in world with your thoughts on this, I don’t plan on pulling the plug on the shroomies market anytime soon, so if you want to stay there, that’s fine. I just am trying to think of ideas to help you sell your bloomies. :)