Shroomies 4.0

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Shroomies 4.0 has been released - this is a major update introducing a skin colour trait!

There are (currently) 8 skin colours (Original, Tan, Dark, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Mint, Midnight and Pale).

Mint Shroomie

All shroomies updated from 3.5 (or earlier) will have “Original” skin. New 4.0 starter kits will give random skin colours.

Specials may give a random skin colour, or it may be predetermined depending on the special.

Shroomie’s offspring’s skin colours will always be the same as one of their parents.

To help get you started there is a free(!) special available 1 per person from my store. This “Shroomies 4.0” special has a random skin colour!