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So last post I did some thoughts on what makes breedables valuable. I concentrated on the “hard to obtain” part, but there is also another factor that comes into play and that is - desirability.

A lot has been changing in the PlantPets world the last few weeks in effort to make seeds “more valuable” - with mixed reactions. A new tool is available that calculates “suggested prices” based on how rare a plant is, plus some math - but it doesn’t (and probably can’t) take into account if people like that plant.

You could guess if there are far more seeds of that plant given as babies vs how many inworld, that people don’t particularly care for it - but it could also mean people have the babies in vendors trying to sell, it could mean they are high LI so people don’t have room etc.

Just because something is rare, doesn’t necessarily make it valuable - if no one wants it, it’s not worth anything.