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Do breedables need to be expensive to be taken seriously? Some say they make the prices high to help the secondary market - but given plantpet commons go fo L$12, and Bruce sells them for L$700+, I don’t buy it.

Breedables need to be desirable, and hard to obtain to be valuable. Making them expensive does make them harder to obtain, as we are limited by our real life financial situation.

It’s the same people that get the good items first, and the same people that get them last or not at all.

Apart from price being a determining factor in making something hard to obtain, there is effort, and luck.

I’m currently giving a way a special turtle egg via fishing but then it’s a different group of people that are at the top, those with more free time.

I guess it’s a balancing act. Some pricey, some require effort, and some for the lucky.