Sitting and staring at my computer.. thinking about things. Do breedables need to be expensive to be taken seriously? Some say they make the prices high to help the secondary market - but given plantpet commons go fo L$12, and Bruce sells them for L$700+, I don’t buy it. Breedables need to be desirable, and hard to obtain to be valuable. Making them expensive does make them harder to obtain, as we are limited by our real life financial situation.
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Shroomie Market v2

I’m a bit late in posting this here, but after thinking about it I decided to move shroomie market. It’s now on a 2048m2 land parcel I’m renting near Ninja Cats Breedable Market. I already had a presence in Ninja Cat Markets and the owner of the market (and the region) has been very supportive of my efforts. Although the traffic through the region isn’t huge, I’m hoping it’s better results than the market being stuck out in the middle of nowhere - plus I am sure both markets will grow over time.
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Shroomie Market - Thoughts

I’ve been thinking today about our shroomie market and wondering if it was the best idea to create a small market in the middle of no where. I noticed a lot of markets are starting to set up ‘Potted’ areas (another breedable plant system), and was thinking it might be good if we could move our market to part of a bigger market, so instead of just us 5 sellers browsing each others bloomies, we might have other people stop by, see them and wonder what they are and maybe even give them a try.
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Xundra's Turtles

Xundra’s turtles are colour based breedables, breed them together and create new colour combinations. These will be my main colour based breedables, with Ducks and Squirrels taking a back seat. Shroomies and Flowers will be priority attention though. Currently there are two specials, a Beta Special for Beta testers and an Alt-Life special (as a tribute to C&C Creations’ Alt-Life turtles) which will be available after launch. The specials have a small chance to reproduce, 5% chance per parent of producing a special, and if both parents are special, the type of special it produces is 50/50.
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To Open Source or Not?

A while ago I wrote an NTBI GFS fuel system for ACS, I wrote it for my cars and trucks because I refused to buy the only publicly available scripts (I won’t go into detail but lets just say, I’m not buying scripts from that vendor again.) NTBI GFS is a fuel system mostly for RP, my scripts interface an ACS vehicle with an NTBI fuel pump, and consists of a script for the car and a fuel gauge HUD.
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My Breedables

I wanted to post little bit about my breedables, and why I do what I do. Yesterday In the past (2009-2010) I got into breedables in Second Life, like many of the time, was keen on Sion Chickens. I branched out to Petable Turtles and discovered Seid Mushrooms. Seid Mushrooms inspired my to create my own growing plants, (PlantPets were around at the time, but I had not heard of them), and I made XS Cactus.
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New Site

I decided to move away from wordpress, and host a static site instead. Also restricting to my own breedables, as I don’t have the resources to keep multiple creators breedables. I’m not going to import the old site, as I’d rather start fresh. The old site is located at for the time being (until I delete it).