New Year

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It’s a new year, and a new logo for the site. I’ve been away for a bit, mostly burn out - while I kept my stuff going in my absense, I needed a break from creating.

The OpenSim grid is gone, it was too expensive to run.

New stuff this year: breedable bunnies, spiders and soon: frogs.

Bunnies.. bunnies require food, it’s not too expensive, and there is also the option of growing your own with a carrot farm. Bunnies come with a fur, but can also be tinted by eating special food. Bunnies hop when they move, are not animesh, and only 1LI each!

Spiders also require food, but it will be shared with frogs, and as there is no way to grow flies currently, it’s half the price of the bunny food. They are also 1 LI and are animated (though not animesh.)

Frogs are coming soon, currently in beta testing. These will be available via fishing alongside the dragonflies. They will eat the same food as spiders. These hop like the bunnies, and also are only 1LI each.

The reason for food is simply I need some sort of income to help pay for resources. Starter kits are fine, but they’re once off - if at all. I don’t like charging for food, or any ongoing costs, but… unfortunatly I’m poor and being a creator in SL costs money.

That said, food is still cheaper than most other breedables The bunny food is L$50 for two weeks, and you can grow 5 times that with a carrot farm, the spider / frog food is L$25 for two weeks worth.

Finally, until the 16th, you can get a free valentines rose at Xundra’s stuff there is also a valentine’s bunny, turtle and shroomie available for purchase.