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I’ve been having a lot of fun in on an OpenSim grid called Alternate Metaverse I have an island region with 40,000 prim limit (So far I’ve managed to use about 1800…) it costs US$10 a month.

My Island

I’ve tried OpenSim many times in the past, mostly running my own simulator and connecting to OS Grid or in standalone mode, but always got frustrated or bored. This time though, I’ve learned about VivoSim which I’m having a lot of fun with.

As for creating / scripting. I’ve gone into it with the perspective of making things specifically for OpenSim and trying to make them work with things like HyperGrid.

The one thing though that is difficult to code around is God Mode. If anyone can read my scripts, they can abuse / cheat the system. Trying to make things work a certain way when anyone can modify them is difficult and I’ve come to the conclusion, that if people cheat the game, then they cheat the game - there’s nothing I can really do about it.

On the plus side, although there is a money system on Alternate Metaverse (GlowBits) mostly people give things away for free - so there is really no chance for a secondary market, which makes cheating kind of pointless.

My Island has three “shops” (everything is free), Xundra’s Turtles (no specials though), Xundra’s Fish (NEW!) and Xundra’s Quails (XS Quails back from the dead).

The Turtles I had to completely rewrite, this time I did the serverside stuff in node.js which was neat learning something I’ve always struggled with in the past. Specials I haven’t gotten my head around yet (applying a texture from a UUID won’t work for hypergrid if the texture is not on that grid’s asset server.)

The fish have nothing serverside, and the quails are pretty much the same as they always have been.

I’ve also reimplemented a fishing system, this time without physical catches for normal catches, but there are bonus catches which award a prize.

So, why Alternate Metaverse? Financial reasons. Second Life is too expensive - I can just afford my land tier there, but actually spending time enjoying other peoples creations which cost more money on top of that, is too much. I’m not leaving second life, I am continuing my creations there for my customers, but as for doing other peoples breedables - not anymore.

Feel free to come visit! [HyperGrid URL](hop:// Stuff/176/175/43) or just find the region “Xundras Stuff” on Alternate Metaverse!